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Machine Operator – Introduction (Excavator)

Do you require hands-on training in the safe operation of a tracked excavator?

On our Machine Operator – Introduction course you will learn how to safely operate a tracked excavator in a safe environment using the latest virtual reality simulator and a tracked excavator.

Our blended learning environment combining the use of virtual reality and a tracked excavator, provides you with the opportunity to gain the basic skills required to operate an excavator as well as develop or improve your advanced skills including:

  • Prechecks
  • Driving exercise
  • Filling
  • Dig
  • Level
  • Level with section view
  • Fill a trench
  • Dig a trench
  • Loading a truck
  • Load truck from elevation
  • Dig and fill
  • Profile view
  • Trench with reference
  • Trench
  • Digging multiple levels
  • Raising elevations
  • Grading sloped surfaces
  • Ground shapes
  • V-ditch
  • Shapes and rotortilt
  • Calibrate bucket
  • Length measurement
  • Laser
  • Laser with one slope
  • Laser with two slopes
  • Save positions
  • Vertical Offset
  • Help model
  • Create road model

This is a great starting point to learn the fundamentals of operating an excavator and if you are wanting your tracks (T) endorsements and do not have the current experience.

Courses are limited to a maximum of 6 participants.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to civil infrastructure
  • Work site set-up
  • Pre-start inspection
  • Safe start-up
  • Operation of the machine
  • Correct shut-down


What you will achieve:

  • Besafe Training certificate in ‘Fundamentals of excavator operation’


What you need:

  • Hi – vis vest/jacket
  • Steel cap safety footwear
  • Safety hard hat

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NZQA: 16701, 16702, 16703

Wheels, Tracks and Rollers endorsements (W,T,R)

If you drive a special-type vehicle in public areas, you must have a W, T or R endorsement on your driver licence.

  • The R endorsement is for vehicles that run on rollers.
  • The T endorsement is for vehicles that run on self-laying tracks.
  • The W endorsement is for vehicles that run on wheels that aren’t forklifts, passenger vehicles, tractors, fire engines, trade vehicles or vehicle recovery service vehicles.

The course includes both theory and practical components and is completed in a half day (4 hours)



Once you have completed the approved course you will be given a certificate (the certificate is not a valid endorsement on your licence). You must take this to an NZTA licensing agent (VTNZ or AA) and have your endorsement(s) put on your licence.

Digger training Roller Training Wheels

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NZQA: 20875

Learn the principles for using mobile plant for lifting and moving loads; hazard management associated with slinging, lifting, moving, and placing loads; types and inspection of lifting attachments on mobile plant; lifting and slinging gear used with mobile plant; and communication for slinging, lifting, moving, and placing operations.

Recommended for workers who use excavators to lift a load.


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